How to save money when feeding a large family

How to Save Money on Meat Purchases for a Large Family

I recently viewed some advice on this topic and saw some information about buying a half of a cow, or a whole lamb to save money. Without adequate freezer space this is not an option for many people, even if you split the purchase with another family. Also many areas do not have the local butcher shops they once did, making it nearly impossible for someone to buy a half of a cow, or a whole lamb. Some supermarkets and wholesalers such as B.J.'s and Costco sell whole primals of beef and pork. Some examples of beef primals are whole top round, whole bottom round, whole top sirloin, whole beef rib, and whole strip loin. Pork primals such as whole boneless pork loins or whole bone-in pork loins can also be bought at a great discount. These primals can usually be purchased for about half the price of precut steaks, chops and roasts. Some of the cheaper cuts from the round and chuck can also be ground for inexpensive lean ground beef. Supermarkets in the northeast like Stop And Shop and PriceChopper often have specials on primal cuts, and they will even cut or grind them for you free of charge.

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