Lamberti's Sausage- Fresh Italian Sausage

Lamberti's Fresh Italian Sausage
Lamberti's Italian Sausage

Lamberti's sausage is a Connecticut favorite. Started in 1946 Lamberti's Sausage uses all natural, lean pork for a superior sausage. Compared to national brands it is much leaner and the quality of the pork that is used really stands out. I made sausage and peppers with this brand and compared to others I have used in the past I only had about half as much fat cook out, making a less greasy version of sausage and peppers.

 Lamberti's is located at:

207 Food Terminal Plz New Haven, CT 06511

 Phone : (203) 562-0436

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  1. Best sausage ever! Love cooking with this product!!


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