Fresh Ground Beef Patties-Money Saving Tip

Save Money This Summer On Fresh Beef Patties

   Many supermarkets now carry pre-packaged fresh ground beef patties that can range from 3.49 lb to 5.49 lb depending on their fat content. In most cases these patties are mass produced and shipped to stores in gas flushed bags or modified atmosphere packaging. Not as fresh as you might think. You can save money by purchasing a small plastic mold for making patties for about $2 at most supermarkets. Look for sales on fresh beef cuts. I recently purchased a 2.5 lb beef chuck shoulder roast for 1.99 lb, about 5 bucks. Many stores offer free grinding service upon request. Ask to have your roast or steaks ground 3 times. Using my plastic patty maker I was able to make 8 patties over a quarter pound each and the beef was between 90-93% lean. Compare that to lean pre-made beef patties which are often more than double the cost.
Beef Chuck Shoulder Roast
Fresh Ground Beef Patties made from Beef Chuck Shoulder Roast

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