Pork Can Now Be Cooked Like Beef,Lamb,and Veal-145 Degrees F.

Pork Is Considered Safely Cooked at 145 Degrees F. by USDA

   Due to newer standards in the farming industry the USDA declares that Pork can be safely cooked to a 145 degree temp. This temperature is high enough to kill any pathogens that may be harmful to humans. Professional chefs have prepared pork this way for many years but now the everyday backyard griller can leave it a little on the pink side without worry. The previous recommended cooking temp. was 160 degrees. Put simply now beef, lamb, veal, and pork are all considered safely cooked at a internal temperature of 145 degrees F. It is recommended that the meat be allowed to rest for at least three minutes after it is removed from the heat source. Ground meats, however, including ground pork should always be cooked to 160 degrees F. for food safety. 
Cook to 145 degrees F. and let rest for 3 minutes when removed from heat.

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