Pork Western Style Ribs from a Pork Shoulder Butt

  Pork western style ribs are cut from a pork butt steak off of a pork shoulder butt or Boston Butt. The pork butt steak is then split through the center and these are referred to as Pork Shoulder Western Style Ribs.  Many people will throw these right on the grill but I would recommend the oven method first. Rub the meat with a dry pork rub covering completely. Place the ribs in a shallow baking pan and cover tightly with aluminum foil. Place into a preheated 275 degree oven for 1 hour. Remove from oven and let rest for 10 minutes while you preheat your grill. Grill for an additional 20 minutes while basting with your favorite barbeque sauce and cooking on all sides.

Pork Shoulder Butt or Boston Butt

Pork Shoulder Butt Steak
Pork Shoulder Butt Western
Style Ribs

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