How long can I keep fresh meat in my fridge?


Typically when you buy fresh meat from your local retailer you  expect that the product will keep past  the date on your package.  There are many factors that can affect this date. Usually beef and  veal will keep past the suggested sell by dates, if they are handled properly. You should not purchase fresh meat unless you plan to cook it within 2-3 days or plan to freeze it for later use.(Especially with poultry, pork, or ground meats) freeze it promptly. Freezing meat will not adversely affect the texture or tenderness of the meat, unless you are freezing it for a period of longer than 3 to 4 weeks. The USDA does not have any federal regulations regarding shelf life to specific cuts of meat. Therefore manufacturers and independent stores are able to set sell by dates at their own discretion. There is no exact science to it. When grocery shopping make fresh meat and seafood your last stop. Get it home and refrigerate immediately for the best shelf life.

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