Grilled Veal Loin Chops with Fresh Rosemary

Grilled Veal Loin Chops

  Easy to grill instructions: You will need fresh rosemary,freshly cracked black pepper,olive oil,garlic powder,onion powder,sea salt, and a large ziploc bag. 

   Veal loin chops are one of the most tender cuts of meat you can buy. This particular cut would be a porterhouse steak if it were to become a full grown cattle, which includes part of the tenderloin, and the strip loin. Veal tenderloin is definitely the most tender meat I have ever eaten.
Fresh cut Veal Loin Chops 1 & 1/2 inch thick

  Select veal chops that are at least 1.5 inches thick. Rub chops lightly with olive oil. Season with onion powder, garlic powder, and freshly cracked black peppercorns. Do not season with salt at this time(salt will pull moisture out of the meat).Place chops in ziploc bag and add fresh sprigs of rosemary. Press air out of the ziploc bag and seal tightly. Refrigerate and let flavors combine for at least 3 hours and up to 24 hours before grilling.

One half hour before grilling veal chops, remove them from refrigeration and allow them to come to room temperature for the most tender chops.  Preheat grill for 5-10 minutes and then reduce to medium low heat. Chops will take about 16-20 minutes at 1.5 to 1.75 inches of thickness. Lightly season with salt just before grilling. Grill for 4-5 minutes and then give a 1/4 turn without flipping to achieve the criss cross grill marks. Grill another 4-5 minutes and the flip chops over and repeat the process.

Tip: Rosemary sprigs may be removed before grilling or just before serving depending on how much flavor you are trying to achieve.

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