Pre-packaged Cuts of Meat(Lamb,Veal,Pork,Beef) How Fresh are They?

How Fresh are the Cuts of Meat in Your Local Supermarket? Prepackaged Lamb,Veal,Pork,Beef ?

   Many supermarkets now sell prepacked cuts of meat to possibly save on labor costs. Many workers at your local supermarket may be unionized and receive higher wages than non-union workers. To save money they purchase precut, pre-packaged meats from non union manufacturer's. Often times these cuts can appear to be non uniform in thickness and sometimes darker than usual in appearance. The prepackaged cuts are wrapped in a clear film in a styrofoam tray just like your local supermarket would package them. However these pre-packaged cuts are shipped in gas flushed bags to preserve the shelf life of the product. The Lamb,Pork,Veal,or Beef may have been cut and packaged between one and two weeks ago. Learn more about modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)HERE. How fresh is it? Check the link above and decide for yourself.