Mangalitsa Pork

What is Mangalitsa Pork?

   Mangalitsa are a Hungarian breed of wooly pigs that have a thick curly coat like that of a sheep. They are a lard-type pig which were originally bred for the large amounts of fat they produced. With less of a demand for lard the breed had  almost gone extinct. Today it is becoming increasingly more popular for its strong distinct pork flavor and double the amount of marbling of more commonly available pork. Don't expect to find Mangalitsa in your local U.S. supermarket. Look for specialty farms that raise mangalitsa exclusively.Check this link for U.S. farms : Also look for it on the menu of some of the more upscale restaurants. Restaurants pay anywhere between $10 to $15 per lb. for butchered cuts of mangalitsa pork, so you can expect a hefty markup if you are able to find it at all.
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