Cooking Terms and Explanations

Cooking Terms and Explanations:

Braising: A slow cooking method using liquid and a covered pot/pan. This method is done either on top of the stove or in the oven for rendering tougher meat cuts into tender dishes. Commonly referred to as POT ROAST.

Brine: Meat or poultry is soaked in a salt,water, and seasoning mixture before cooking for enhanced flavor, tenderness, and moisture.

Broil: A cooking method used for the more tender cuts of meat, or for marinated tougher cuts, delivering direct heat to one side of the meat. Flame broil(grilling) or oven broil(direct heat underneath the broiler in your oven) are the most common methods. Pan broil is a method using little or no oil in preferably a non-stick pan with no cover.

Roasting: (Dry Roasting) a method used for larger and more tender cuts of meat without using any liquid or a cover. Used to create a browned exterior while maintaining a juicy pink interior. For example roasting a cut of beef aproximately 20 minutes per pound in a 350 degree oven.

Stewing: A slow cooking method using liquid in either a crockpot, stove top, or dutch oven. Similar to braising except usually their is more liquids involved in a stewing process. When done properly tougher meats are transformed into fork tender delicacies.

Stir Frying: A quick dry heat method using a lightly oiled pan or wok at a high temperature with a constant stirring motion, using smaller cuts of meat and vegetables.

Poach: Cooking in a liquid which is below the boiling temperature but not quite a simmer.

Simmer: A moist heat cooking method where the liquid is almost at the point of coming to a boil

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