Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Guidelines

Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Guidelines

Refrigerator storage times:

Fresh beef steaks: 2-4 days
Fresh beef roasts: 2-4 days
Fresh veal cuts: 2-4 days
Fresh Lamb cuts: 2-4 days
Fresh pork cuts: 2-4 days
Ground Beef, stew meat, Ground pork: 1-2 days
Smoked Ham,Kielbasa,Corned Beef: 30 days or before manufacturers sell by date
Freezer Storage Times:

Beef roasts and steaks: 6-12 months
Veals Chops and Roasts: 4-8 months
Pork chops: 3-5 months
Pork Roasts: 4-8 months
Lamb chops and Roasts: 6-9 months
Ground Meats, Stew Meat: 3-4 months

When buying fresh meat check for the recommended sell by date and either use or freeze before given date. Fresh beef is more likely to keep longer than the recommended sell by dates than other meats. Tip: Use or freeze poultry 1 day before the given sell by date.

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